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HR without Borders Podcast

Expert Guidance with Innovative Thinking

Hi! Are you an HR professional working in the corporate setting? Or maybe a current HR coach or consultant? Our podcast covers topics with HR professionals in mind. We will have guest expert speakers in all areas of HR around the globe. Weekly podcasts are launched and housed right here on our page or in our LinkedIn page for you viewing pleasure. 


Episode 1: How to Retain and Attract Talent
Special Guest: Kerry Kathleen Heaps
Founder & President of Book.Speak.Repeat.
Episode 2: Legalities of Starting a Business: Accounting Perspective
Special Guest: Chris Morrow
The Morrow Group, Inc.
Episode 3: Employee Engagement
Special Guest: Lerato Shawane
South African Tourism, Human Capital Professional
Episode 4: Payroll - Starting a Business with Employees
Special Guest: Marissa Schmehl
BCM Payroll, Inc.
Episode 5: Employee Centered Approach for People Returning from FMLA
Special Guest: Katherine Marie
Inspired Vitality, LLC

Special Bonus:  Copyright Laws and what you need to know!
Special Guest: Barbara Ingrassia
Manage Copyright...Don't Let It Manage You

Episode 6: Effective Communication
Special Guest: Melanie Griffin, Esq.
Spread Your Sunshine

Episode 7: Extraordinary Thinking Creates Extraordinary Leaders
Special Guest: Christopher Salem
Christopher Salem, Executive Coach

Episode 8: Creating Guardrails Around Your Time as an HR Professional
Special Guest: Marcey Rader
Founder, Rader Co. | Health + Productivity Expert | Speaker | Author | Host of the Health-Powered Productivity Podcast | Banish burnout & work well – one habit at a time.
Special Bonus: Take the Fear Out of Team Building
Special Guest: Matt May 
Founder & CEO, Premier Team Building & Interactive Experiences,,
Episode 9: 4 Steps to Compassionate Leadership
Special Guest:  Denise (Dee) Borgoyn
Episode 10: Transforming Limiting Beliefs
Special Guest:  Teri Karjala
Special Bonus: Grief in the Workplace
Special Guest:  Sherrie Dunlevy
Purchase Book HERE.
Episode 11: Employee Mental Health
Special Guest:  Annette “Dorla” Sudds
Episode 12: Jumpstart Your Marketing in Your New Business
Special Guest:  Katrina Sawa
Special Bonus Episode: HR without Borders
Special Guest:  Your Host - Amber Trail
90 Days to Entrepreneurship - find out more!

Episode 13: Corporate Wellness and Travel
Special Guest:  Christopher Klesh
Episode 14: Reinventing how to teach people to understand their personality and flex to others.
Episode 15: We're not HR, we're talent!
Special Guest:  Simone Jo Moore
Episode 16: Expert Witnesses Guide to Developing Investigative Protocol
Special Guest:  Donna Horkey
Handout HERE
Episode 17: The Importance of Exit Interviews
Special Guest:  Camille Brewster

Instagram: camille_b_the_hr_counselor

YouTube: Camille B The HR Counselor


Showcase Episodes

Showcase Episodes


Guest: Dee Borgoyn



So, you think you want to be a consultant?

Guest: Donna Horkey
Document found HERE.

Part 1

Part 2

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