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CEO and Founder

As CEO of The HR Trail and Chief Engagement Officer at Elite HR Connections, Amber Trail, MBA, SHRM-CP isn't just navigating the world of HR – she's redefining it. Fueled by early encounters with ineffective HR practices, Amber's passion lies in empowering HR professionals and small businesses with innovative strategies and dismantling outdated norms.

Her journey began with a resounding "no" to a traditional HR role. Instead, she found a mentor who ignited her passion for employee-centric HR. This defining moment set her on a path of over 15 years, building a wealth of experience and credentials, all while unapologetically breaking the mold.

Now, Amber's dual role allows her to champion HR transformation on both a macro and micro scale. Through The HR Trail, she is able to provide her cutting-edge practices to small businesses with the tools and strategies they need to thrive. At Elite HR Connections, she guides HR professionals through industry challenges and fosters a supportive community.

Amber's not just an HR leader; she's a disruptor, a mentor, and a fierce advocate for a more human-centered HR landscape.

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Meet Our Team

Introducing the amazing individuals who make up our team! We are a group of passionate HR professionals who work together to bring our clients the best possible service. Get to know us better and see how we can help you achieve your goals.


Read Erna's Bio

Leveraging her extensive industry experience, Erna stands out as a HR consultant recognized for her strategic leadership and effective solutions. Her journey began in hospitality, where she swiftly excelled in mastering fundamental HR functions. This early immersion provided the foundation for her people-centered approach to achieving business success while supporting the needs of employees, a philosophy she has continuously honed while transitioning across sectors including financial services, IP-based strategic consulting firms, and global retail.


Throughout her career journey, Erna has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate complexity and foster organizational growth and employee satisfaction. Committed to staying ahead of industry trends, Erna continues to empower organizations and individuals to thrive through innovative HR practices. As an HR consultant, she is dedicated to partnering with organizations to unlock their full potential, drive sustainable growth, and foster inclusive workplaces.


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With over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, CJ is a results-focused leader who delivers solutions in the areas of talent acquisition, employee relations, compliance and policy development, strategic and workforce planning, organizational development, total rewards, and HR technology. CJ serves as a change agent and credible partner, ready to understand business needs and cultivate strong relationships to implement programs that enhance the organization and its objectives.

Continuously staying abreast of the latest trends and best practices in HR management, CJ is passionate about driving innovation and efficiency within organizations. With a keen eye for identifying areas of improvement, CJ excels in designing and implementing tailored strategies that optimize employee engagement, productivity, and retention. With a proven track record of navigating complex HR challenges with finesse, CJ is adept at fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment while ensuring alignment with overarching business goals. Whether collaborating with C-suite executives or frontline staff, CJ remains committed to fostering a workplace environment that nurtures talent, fosters growth, and drives sustainable success.


Sunny Headshot.png

Read Erna's Bio

Sunny Rajabi, SHRM-SCP, brings over 14 years of extensive HR experience to The HR Trail. Before embarking on her consulting journey, Sunny led HR departments for numerous private sector employers across multiple industries, with a keen focus on optimizing HR Operations, Leadership Development, and building strong workplace cultures.

With a B.S. in Business Management and Administration from Bradley University in Peoria, IL, and her Senior Certified Professional certification (SHRM-SCP) from the Society for Human Resource Management, Sunny remains dedicated to staying abreast of evolving employment laws and emerging HR trends.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sunny finds joy in running her photography business and traveling with her husband.

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Lisa Headshot.png

Read Lisa's Bio

Lisa McQuillin is an HR Consultant with The HR Trail, focusing on employee relations and business development. She has more than 20 years of experience in human resources. Lisa’s focus and passion is to help businesses provide a positive journey for their employees as they navigate through their careers. Lisa’s superpower is her ability to build strong relationships and focus on positivity in the workplace. She is an HR Geek and enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and riding in the trails in northern Michigan, riding in her Can Am XRC.


N. Martinez.png

Read Nakeisha's Bio

Nakeisha Martinez is a seasoned talent acquisition leader with over 15 years of hands-on experience. Throughout her career, Nakeisha has navigated roles of increasing responsibility across various industries, from healthcare to government contracting, education, and recruitment process outsourcing.

Driven by a genuine passion for cultivating exceptional performance and designing HR programs that align seamlessly with business objectives, Nakeisha embodies a unique blend of energy and practicality. Her approach emphasizes collaboration and understanding, recognizing the invaluable partnership between stakeholders and achieving desired outcomes. Nakeisha
stands as a reliable guide, offering a wealth of expertise and commitment to excellence.

Collaborative Partners

Sierra Collins neXco8281 Final.jpg

Sierra Collins

Sierra is the Owner of Sierra Learnership Collaborative where she serves as a Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.  In 2011, Sierra earned her Masters in the Arts of Education from West Virginia University.  After 10 years in public education and a myriad of leadership opportunities, her passion for growth and lifelong learning fueled her desire to start her business and become a Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach so that she could come alongside individuals, teams, and organizations on their growth journeys. Sierra provides exceptional leadership speaking, training, and coaching services to youth and adult learners who strive to experience lifelong personal and professional growth.  Through her business, Sierra’s vision is to create a community of highly effective leaders and lifelong learners who positively influence the lives of others. 

Contact Sierra Here:


William "Billy" Zerillo

Billy embarked on his journey in the financial services sector in 2018, driven by a profound passion for serving others. As a dedicated leader, his primary goal is to make a significant impact on people's lives through sound financial guidance.

Billy has developed a unique financial approach centered around assessing individuals' financial health. Recognizing that not everyone requires a comprehensive financial plan, he understands that many people have specific financial questions seeking answers. His dedication lies in taking the time to assist clients in understanding their financial purpose. Billy firmly believes that a powerful purpose is a cornerstone for making informed financial decisions and navigating the path to future success.

Currently based in Pennsylvania, Billy shares his life with his wife and two beloved dogs. When not immersed in the world of finance, they can be found cheering on his alma mater, The University of Alabama, during football season. Beyond that, the couple enjoys quality time with family and friends, as well as indulging in their love for beach travel.

Contact Billy Here: 


Pam Wilson

Pam Wilson is Certified as a Whole Brain practitioner and works collaboratively within organizations to enhance the experience of every team member. She is committed to creativity and passion to connect and inspire. Her perspective offers clarity and vision from ideas to action.

In addition, Pam is a writer, licensed Master Social Worker, creative writing facilitator and book coach. She says yes to most things and then figures out how to make it happen.

Contact Pam Here:

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