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Digital Performance Management Toolkit

that every small business owner needs.

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Introducing the Ultimate Performance Management Toolkit, with everything you'll need to run an effective and smooth Performance Management System. With an effective performance management system, it is possible to grow your business because you’ve set the standards of expectations for your workforce. You’re taking the next step as an employer by developing successful systems and performance management guidelines for your employees. Using these templates will help you create a dynamic workforce and create substantial growth within your business.

These fully customizable templates are perfect for any small business owner looking to free up hours upon hours of headaches and frustration and create consistency in their performance management system for their workforce.


Here’s what’s included:

Progressive Disciplinary Process Instructions

Verbal Warning

Written Documentation

Suspension Letter

Performance Improvement Plan

Termination Letter (2 templates)

Exit Interview Questionnaire

Employee Goal Setting Worksheet

Employee Performance Appraisal

Get your fully customizable Performance Management Toolkit, now for ONLY $449!!

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