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Are you looking for an inspirational speaker to speak at your next event? Amber Trail, MBA, SHRM-CP creates a dynamic and passionate experience for her audiences. As an International Speaker, she brings a new approach of HR into businesses for leadership, HR professionals and C-Suite Executives. 

Amber brings real life situations, challenges and ideas to her audience with a lot of fun!

She specializes in topics specifically for other HR professionals. Topics for discussion are below, if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask! 

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Overcome HR Obstacles to Build Confidence with Creative Solutions.

HR professionals handle obstacles and challenges on a daily basis. How we handle those challenges determines a lot about our mental and emotional capacity. Challenges can wear you down quickly from the emotional turmoil we create within ourselves. Creativity within our roles can increase our confidence during challenging situations. Overcoming HR obstacles with creative solutions is the first step in building confidence and owning your role.

What the audience will learn:

> To become an innovative HR professional who breaks down barriers.

> To become open-minded and comfortable with change.

> To lead the way by crushing fear.

Prioritize Projects to Create More Productivity in the Workplace.

Rarely are we taught how to actually prioritize to increase our productivity. We become overwhelmed because everything suddenly becomes a priority. Having a plan of attack for your workload can break the cycle of reduced productivity and high stress levels.


What the audience will learn:

> How to determine which priorities are actually important.

> How to stick to a schedule that reflects your top priorities.

> How to sustain your productivity in an effective and focused way.

Setting Goals on your Path Towards Solutions and Success.

The word goal can be overutilized and the meaning behind it can become destroyed. Properly defined goals will develop habits which will then create new behaviors towards tangible results. Learning to set the right goals will put you on the path towards solutions and ultimately success.


What the audience will learn:

> How to properly define your goals to align with your personal and professional values.

> How to break down a goal into bite-sized pieces so the end result doesn’t seem unachievable.

> How to develop a plan of action for each goal and achieve your success.

Eliminate Feelings of Overwhelm and Stress.

Almost everything can impact and enhance the feelings of overwhelm and stress. Workplace overwhelm and stress can happen to anyone at any point in time. How we deal with that stress and the feelings of overwhelm is what makes the difference between success and the feeling of failure. Even though it’s not easy to eliminate these feelings, it is possible to learn techniques to overcome them.


What the audience will learn:

> How to reflect on the deeper route cause behind the overwhelm and stressful feelings.

> How to focus immensely on what you can control.

> How to accept the feelings so that you can target them more effectively.

Achieving a Healthy Work/Life Balance.

We only have one life so achieving a healthy balance in all the activities we are involved in is essential for our own well-being. Many times our work life interferes with our personal life and vice versa. In a world where instant gratification is a must, we as humans have to balance out what is a priority and what can wait.


What the audience will learn:

> How to embrace your productive time during the day.

> How to set boundaries for work and for yourself.

> How to create mindfulness as a daily practice.

Speaker Bio for Amber Trail, MBA, SHRM-CP

Amber Trail, Certified Human Resource Professional, is one of the most passionate HR enthusiasts you will find. She's been speaking to diverse audiences since 2009 and decided to take her love for speaking in front of large audiences global over the last few years. 

As a professional speaker and human resource consultant, she connects with her audience by utilizing real life experiences that the audience understands. She brings fun and humor to all of her audiences. She shares with her audience the new trends that the HR industry is currently undergoing while inspiring them to welcome challenges with open arms. 

Amber is a 3x international best-selling author, CEO of The HR Trail and innovator of HR without Borders. 

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