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What Is a Company Handbook?

What is a company handbook and why are they so important? Well, let's answer those questions first.

A company handbook contains vital information for successful employment as an employee. These employee handbooks are written to set clear and concise expectations for employees and they are vital to an employer because they ensure that company policies are clearly and consistently communicated.

When we talk about handbooks we also talk about compliance. Federal and state compliance is always changing for employers. Handbooks create compliance within the workplace for a standard to be set by the employer that is followed by both employee and employer. Having a handbook allows the employer to make expectations understood.

Companies can prevent damaging fines and loss of unemployment cases by simply having a handbook and following the procedures set forth within them. Basically, handbooks can save your toosh in certain workplace situations.

How can you fix not having a company handbook? We just launched an online company handbook form to make your life easier! All you have to do is simply fill out your company's information, pay for your handbook and then in 7 business days, we will have your new handbook emailed to you. We also include a company handbook acknowledgment form for you to use!

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