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Want to GO Further In Your Career?

Have you ever wonder how some of your colleagues seem more focused and prepared for anything that may get thrown at you on daily basis? It's likely they learn how to handle challenges

they face in life from working with a Coach. Today you can find coaches to help with both professional and personal challenges you might face, especially in your career.

There once was a time when hiring a Coach was viewed as being something that only Executives and High Powered Professionals did. With a rising interest in how to continually develop skillsets that employers look for that is no longer the case. Starting your own business? You can find a Coach who will help you focus on that. Looking to find a better balance to entrepreneurship and home life? Yep, there are coaches who can help you with that too.

Janet Lockhart-Jones, Ed.D., president and chief learning leader of Project Partners Consulting, a

firm that works with companies to grow their talent and leadership capabilities, noted that about a decade ago, coaching was more or less exclusively for senior-level and the C-suite employees. "But as organizations learn more and more about what coaching really is, it has been pushed down to new managers, first-level managers and mid-managers," she said. "And when I say push down, I mean that it's been offered to people at lower levels in the organization. And it absolutely should be."

As more young professionals enter the work force working with a coach can be a

great way to help them learn traits they will need as they grow and develop. In fact, if you are looking for ways to further and develop your career path I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter I send out each week. I have some upcoming coaching opportunities to help you develop your skill sets. You can join my newsletter by CLICKING HERE.

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