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Speed up your hiring process and hire top talent!

Let’s face it… top talent is highly demanded and if you do not act quick, you could face losing this candidate to your competitor. Hiring managers are being far too indecisive and dragging their feet on closing out positions. In order to stand a chance, managers and business owners must change their hiring process to ensure it is quick and effective. If they can achieve this, the company can reap the benefits of higher acceptance rates & happier candidates. Here is how -

1. Pre-plan - Ultimately, if you are working to hire someone for a position, it needs to be all hands on deck and there must be a plan. It would be important to develop a timeline and understand who will interview, how long they will interview, what questions will be asked, and any other details in between. It would also be important to communicate a timeline to the candidate so they are also aware of what to expect.

2. Write a Strong Job Description - A well written job description can help to ensure there is no confusion to the candidate and can help smooth the process along. If a job description is missing critical information, there may need to be more back and forth discussion or negotiation at the point of offer which can only delay the process further. It would be important to ensure the hiring company states the key responsibilities, expectations, and transparency on salary/benefits.

3. Prepare for Solid Interviews - A solid interview process will allow the hiring manager to learn the most about the candidate and allow the candidate to learn about the company. Ultimately, this will allow the interviewers to gauge the best talent and move along quicker in the process. If an interview process is weak, it could result in a revolving door of candidates who are not being vetted accurately.

The hiring process can be overwhelming and time consuming but it cannot be pushed to the side. In order to stand a chance against competitors, business owners must move recruitment to the top of their list and ensure they have a plan of action. By planning out the hiring process to writing strong job descriptions and conducting solid interviews, business owners can ensure they feel their job positions quickly with top talent.

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