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One Word

At the end of every year, I unintentionally choose a word to describe the year that just ended, which as with all previous years, passed by extremely fast. It’s odd how just one word can describe 365 days of living, right? It’s also difficult to create one word at the beginning of the year to pertain to a year that has so many possibilities of unforeseen changes. It becomes all about our mindset. What do we focus on and how we can make it happen throughout the year? Here are some of my previous year words:

2017 – Heartbreak

2018 – Change

2019 – Fierce

This year, I have decided to move into the new year with a word to describe the year ahead of us.

2020 Word of the Year: Purpose.

This year, I will focus on my purpose. My purpose as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and the fierce determination it takes to be a good human being in this world.

Let’s stick to one word and stand by it all year long. Your mindset determines your outcome. Set it high and move forward.

Let’s do this 2020!

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