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Interview: Selection Process

If you want to bring good people into your organization, you must ensure that your selection process is top notch. Ultimately, it is no lie that hiring is expensive and getting a hire wrong is even more expensive. As a small business owner, your time is so precious. It is key to ensure that you do things right the first time. In this process, it is important that you ensure your interactions with each candidate that touches your business is a positive one. Even if a candidate is not the best fit, they are a walking billboard and how they communicate with others regarding your business may make or break your talent pool. Here is how you should be structuring your selection process -


This is the section where you put your position out on the market and wait for prospective candidates to apply to it. It could be important to consider what screening questions you add to your posting because this can really aid in the selection process. These could include questions regarding US work authorization or if they have any of the required certificates you need.

Screening Call

There is only so much an individual can write about their experience on their one-page resume. A quick 15 min call with a candidate that makes it to the next step is a game changer. This allows you to really question some aspects of a resume or understand the basics of their background.


Once individuals move forward into the interview section, it would be important to schedule a more formal interview. This could be done in person or done virtually. In this phase you can ask a variety of questions that could be more role-specific, soft skills, situational, or behavioral questions. This is also a good time to gauge an individual's culture fit into the organization.


During this phase of the process, it is important to sit down and rate your surviving candidates to see which one best matches the requirements of the job and culture of the organization. This would be a great time to pull together the individuals that interviewed the candidate to get multiple opinions and perspectives.

Background Checks

A background check is an important step to ensure that potential employees do not impose risks to the organization. For example, it would be important to check the credit of someone who is working in the financial industry.

Decision & Job Offer

Once a candidate is selected, it would be key to ensure that a verbal offer is given to the candidate so they can ask any questions that may come up as you are on the phone. The HR Trail can assist with creating an offer template that you can use within your organization!

The selection process is not something that a company should undermine. Companies must ensure that their process is fair and accurate. Although the main steps of the selection process remain the same. Each organization may have their own requirements that may alter how you approach each step in the process. The key is, you want to ensure that you get a hire right the first time!

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