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I Can't Do What?

Ever receive an email that really upset you and you immediately wanted to fire back with a response? (We're raising our hands.) This instance makes us wonder if email really is the best choice for workplace communication. Most of the time we would say yes but, in this case, stop and think before you hit send.

If you type an email at work while you are heated about what the person on the other side sent, don’t hit send. The ramifications are significant to employees who send angry emails. Remember that everything you do at work is a personal reflection of your brand and reputation.

Email is almost like a wall we have put up; we can hide behind it when we are angry because obviously if you say what you want, you can’t get punched in the face. While the temporary high from an angry email is tempting, you are risking so much more. Instead, choose to have that difficult conversation in a more appropriate setting.

So, when should an email be used? Thanks to

here are 10 workplace examples of when email is the best communication medium:

1. You can resolve a problem. If you can offer an immediate answer and not waste anyone’s time by taking it off their to-do list, you are doing well!

2. You have a question. This is when you have an easy question that you think you know the answer but need confirmation.

3. You need to communicate a new initiative.

4. You need to remind the group of something.

5. You need to clarify a meeting’s purpose. Great way to let everyone know what will be accomplished at the meeting.

6. You need to find or distribute resources. Email can be helpful when you want to locate specific resources.

7. You need to build a relationship.

8. You want to keep in touch. You may not be close enough with your coworkers to just call or text them often, but email can be a polite and professional way to keep in touch.

9. You want to update the team on a project. Communicate the progress.

10. You want to share positive feedback. Share your positive experiences with someone to his or her manager.

Even though email is the most effective way to communicate in the workplace, there are instances where you should not hide behind it. Body language and full attention are everything when communicating one-on-one.

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