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How To Monitor & Track Performance Through Continuous Feedback

The days of a bi-annual performance review should be long gone for small businesses. Instead, businesses should be focusing on continuous feedback where managers share feedback regularly. Through offering continuous feedback, you can ensure your employees are constantly growing and it helps to grow a relationship between both parties. This method is particularly helpful when you have an underperforming employee as it allows you to check in more regularly to keep them on track. In order to help you effectively manage performance, The HR Trail has worked to create a Performance Management Toolkit with everything small business owners need to reach business goals. The Performance Management Toolkit is equipped with ten different customizable templates that your business needs. This will allow you to have consistent and legitimate documentation that you can use in any step of the performance management process. Here is what’s included!

Progressive Disciplinary Process Instructions - This is an instructional guide on the multi-step process that outlines the discipline standards and actions that are to be followed when employees are displaying unsatisfactory performance.

Verbal Warning - This is a form of disciplinary action that is given orally to an employee who has violated policy or not met performance expectations.

Written Documentation - This is a template where management can record either employee performance, actions, recognition, and etc. These documents will speak to the history of an employee’s performance with a company.

Suspension Letter - This is a letter that informs an employee that they are being temporarily prohibited from reporting to work and performing work related tasks pending a workplace investigation.

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) - This is a formal document that outlines the improvements and goals expected of an employee who is not performing up to standards.

Termination Letter (2 different templates) - A formal notice that is presented to an employee when employment is being separated.

Exit Interview Questionnaire - This is a questionnaire to gather the employee’s perception of their experience at the company. This is good information to use to gain insights into factors that may be affecting employee retention.

Employee Goal Setting Worksheet - This is a document where goals are outlined as an accountability reminder for the employee.

Employee Performance Appraisal - This document outlines a process where an employee’s work performance is evaluated over a certain period of time.

This toolkit was created to be completely customizable to whatever your small business needs! In order to manage performance effectively, one must be able to define and communicate company goals and performance objectives. By having formal documents in place, performance can easily be communicated, tracked, and evaluated.

Click this link to learn more about how you can get your customizable Performance Management Toolkit -

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