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You may think that getting new hires in the door is enough to keep your business thriving. In reality, this is where all the work needs to begin. As soon as your new employee starts, their first day on the job sets the tone for the rest of their tenure. Recruiting is expensive and companies need to ensure their new and current employees are set up for success and being taken care of by the company. If you want to save the revolving door of recruitment costs, start by making your first day experience for new hires unforgettable. Here are a few tips to get your employees to stay past day one.

Give a Tour & Introduce to the Team

  • At this time, you should encourage a warm welcome with some key individuals in the office. Additionally, be sure to send out a welcome message to your team that may be remote so they know of the new face that has been added. Another absolutely crucial item is to give the new hire a tour of the facility and point out some faces as you make your way around. It is good to connect them directly with the different parts of the facility so they feel more comfortable coming in each day and every day.

Plan their First Small Success

  • It is important to put some thought into their first day training and the projects that the individual will get started on. There are horror stories of employees who are left for hours to do nothing but video training and administrative nonsense. It is completely understandable to spend a good portion of the day getting paperwork done. However, it is important to add some snippets of things they will do in their day to day role. Maybe this is meeting with a coworker and discussing the new software and the upcoming project? This is a good time to give them some awareness of what they can expect in their new role.

Schedule Regular 1-1’s

  • As a new hire, it will take weeks and even months to get them settled into their new role. They are being introduced to a new environment, people, procedures, responsibilities, you name it. It is comforting to a new hire to get a regular meeting with a direct supervisor to discuss their individual process and any challenges that they may be going through. It gives the management team the time to receive feedback and adjust any training or projects.

There must be effort put into the employee experience after day one. They must be given the tools and resources needed to feel comfortable and confident coming to work every day. Lastly, they need to be able to see themselves fully rooted in the company with opportunities for growth. The work does not end after making the hire, they need to be properly introduced to their team, plan their first small success, and schedule regular 1-1’s.

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