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How to help employees adopt new technology!

Technology is a huge factor of how businesses function each and every day. The truth is, the technology we are so comfortable with will one day be outdated and require us to adopt new programs/etc. Given this, businesses are going to need to introduce new technology to their employees in a strategic fashion to ensure the transition runs smoothly. Ultimately, most people are not fond of change and if they are not given strong reasons as to why… expect some resistance.

1. Give them the details and ask for input

The first question you will get asked is “why?” And ultimately, you must be able to explain that clearly to the team. Is the software too outdated? Is the business losing sales? It would speak clearly if you would provide data points to back this up. Additionally, it would be appropriate to include a timeline of the events that are expected to take place. Ultimately, when everything is laid out to your team… ask them their thoughts. There could be a stance brought up that has not been looked into prior.

2. Provide various training options

Ultimately, we are human and there is no one size fits all to training. In order to meet the needs of your team, ensure you are offering the training in different forms. For example that would include in person training, individual demo in system, video training, help center, etc. It would also be important to ensure employees are getting enough training before going live. In this case, by scheduling biweekly training meetings, it ensures it is on everyone’s schedule. If they cannot make it, either record the meeting, or provide an alternative to keep everyone on track.

3. Offer support & provide training guides

Ensure employees that they are not alone in their process. It would be important to assign employees to be the main contact of this transition. Therefore, they own this project and are the point of contact if there are any questions (as I am sure there will be many). Additionally, creating training “to-do” guides would be key as a quick pocket guide on how processes are to be completed. All in all, by giving employees support, you are ensuring they feel prepared and less anxious over this change.

The advancements in technology are not slowing down and to ensure our businesses can keep up with competition, we need to adapt. Although, I will say, it is far easier said than done. However, if businesses can be fully transparent with the plans, provide training options on a regular basis, and offer support, it will help the process go far more smoothly. By giving your employees a voice in the change, they can help to ensure they follow it through continuously.

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