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How can I, as an employer, reduce health care costs?

Here are a few quick tips to help reduce the health care costs for your employees and increase overall employee morale. One of the top programs that employers participate in are “well-being programs”. These programs help employees meet their short term and long-term financial goals and support a healthy, physical active lifestyle which encourages employees to be more productive and engaged in the workplace.

Offer a variety of benefit options to your employees. Let them make the informed decision on their own personal healthcare plan because no two employees are the same. Let them analyze benefit plans to decide which plan best suit’s their family needs.

Most health care plans offer a nurse helpline which is a 24/7 resource. With this, the subscriber of the health care plan can call to receive free advice by a registered nurse with all health-related questions.

Telemedicine is a great resource to encourage all employees to participate in. This is a low cost and fast way to receive medical advice, prescription medication and an opportunity to speak with a real doctor! This feature is offered by most medical plans and open 24/7 so it reduces the cost of gas, copay's or deductibles with one low payment to speak with a doctor over the video conferencing right through your phone or tablet. Let’s face it, the emergency room and urgent care can get pricey. Save yourself a trip and money by utilizing and encouraging your employees to use this great feature.

As an employer, you should offer friendly competitive wellness and health programs within your company. This helps employees stay active and can make them more aware of their choices that could benefit their health. As open enrollment approaches, ask us and we will review your plans with you and help you come up with new programs to enhance your benefits and voluntary benefit packages to provide your employees with a robust choice in benefit options. Show them you care about their health and wellness!

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