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Now You Can Love Your Hair at Home & Work

In part thanks to an Academy Award winning animated short film, you can now flaunt what your momma (or dad) gave ya with no judgment or discrimination. A new law that now bans hairstyle discrimination in the workplace. Granted, this is legal in a few states and cities right now, but it is making serious traction across the country. In fact, Colorado and Virginia are the latest states to be on board with banning hairstyle discrimination. Four states have enacted this new law and it is currently pending in 20 other states.

hair love discrimination work policy

Wear your hair the way you want to wear it without worrying about your job safety. This discrimination law [generally] prohibits "banning, limiting or restricting natural black hair, as well as hairstyles associated with black people, including but not limited to Afros, braids, twists, dreadlocks, and knots" ( Every business is different though and policies vary, but overall, this law wants to protect those with natural hair at their place of employment or place of potential employment.

Hair Love is an Academy Award winning animated short film and its purpose was to normalize African American hairstyles in the United States. Because of that film, more attention has been brought to the discussion of natural hair texture and hairstyle discrimination in the workplace.

This law is taking a step into the future for updated grooming policies as well as employee training practices in the workplace. Have you thought about updating your workplace appearance compliance today? Well, there's no better time than now to get on board with this new anti-discrimination policy.

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