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Foundations to Promoting Wellbeing in the Workplace

A healthy and safe workplace is foundational in promoting the wellbeing of employees. People spend a large portion of their life at work so it is no surprise that it plays a significant role in their health and happiness. As an individual's mental health worsens, so does their engagement at work. This past year businesses have been facing financial pressures due to inflation and heightened interest rates. With that, they have been forced to resort to downsizing to reduce overhead costs. Ultimately, employees are feeling the financial pressures of the business and in their own personal lives. With a reduced headcount, fewer employees have far more on their plates and burnout is evident. As a small business owner, it is important to ensure that a culture of acceptance and support is shared with the team. It is hard to talk about mental health, but the issue is becoming more and more prominent that business owners have no choice but to act on it, here are some tips -

Address Workplace Stress - Chronic work stress can make an individual's mental health substantially worse. Eliminating all workplace stress is unlikely, but one can prove tips for navigating stress and managing it.

Be Accepting of Mental Health Concerns - Build a culture of safety that is not afraid to talk about mental health and provide tips for employees to combat it. The truth is, this is a scary topic and by building a culture that is connected and supportive, it can help the employee at work.

Learn How to Navigate Mental Health Conversations - Ensure that managers and leaders can recognize signs of mental illnesses, excessive work stress, and potential bullying. In identifying these behavior changes, managers can work to provide support earlier instead of waiting for the employee to come forward.

Over the years, mental health has become more apparent in workplaces and beyond. Businesses, small and large, have no option but to become advocates for mental health awareness and provide their employees with tools to navigate. It is so important the employers work to create a culture that is supportive. There are enough stressors outside of work, let’s ensure when employers step in the door they know they have a voice and an ear that will listen.

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