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How To Create An Easier Performance Review Process

Whether you love them or hate them, performance reviews are essential for your business. You may conduct them once a year, once a month, or, maybe not at all (you better get started on it ASAP then).

Managers can find themselves spending too much of their time checking in with employees or with putting these performance reviews together. Truthfully, it's something that employers and employees tend to dread experiencing.

Since time is money, and money is time, here are a few ways on how you can create an easier performance review process for your business:

1) Get the employees involved in the performance review process. Instead of taking it all on along with doing your million other day-to-day tasks, try having the employee do some or most of the check-in and meeting process steps instead. That's less on your plate AND it may help your employee feel included/involved in the process.

2) Conduct more frequent check-ins with employees. And while you're at it, be more like a coach instead of like a stiff headmaster. Don't be so formal or uptight with these review sessions - just be yourself in order to allow for the employee to be comfortable, and think like a coach. In fact, positive feedback as well as a more team-oriented mindset shows an improvement in employee performance! Speaking of employee...

3) recommended that management "give employees standard templates and frameworks with directed questions to answer". Let the employee provide their side of the feedback. Collaborate with them and work with them on creating and accomplishing their goals in the workplace.

4) Use feedback technology if applicable. This helps to reduce the amount of time the employer/manager and employee may spend on creating these performance reviews.

Moral of the story? Don't be afraid to ask the employee to put some of their time and efforts into performance reviews, be a leader as well as a coach, and use technology in order to create an easier performance review process and experience for everyone involved!

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