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Ask for That Raise!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if your supervisor noticed your achievements and automatically gave you a raise? Unfortunately, that is rarely how raises work. If you want a raise, you are going to have to ask for one. It is so important, however, to make sure you are approaching this sensitive topic correctly. Compiled below are some helpful pointers for how to ask for a well-deserved raise and to actually get one!

Before asking for a raise, you need to be on the same page with your supervisor of what is expected of you. By having an open conversation with your supervisor about your current work and roles, as well as areas you can improve, you can actively be working on becoming better at your job. Then when it is time to ask for a raise, you can clearly cite all of the areas you have progressed in and improved on, that have already been discussed between the two of you.

A raise often is warranted when you are doing the same job more effectively and efficiently, opening up your time to take on new or different responsibilities. When contemplating asking for a raise, it is also important to think about what new or different tasks you can take on. Often, it is important to begin working on these new tasks in order to show the value and skill you bring to the table. This will help your supervisor see the importance and understand they should be compensating you for this. 

Speak up about your achievements! You may think that your supervisor notices all of the good things that you are doing for the company, however oftentimes they are bogged down with their own workload and only notices issues or problem areas. It is critical that you are highlighting and celebrating your wins and successes. When you go and ask for a raise, these achievements you have communicated to your supervisor previously will pop back into their head.

When asking for a raise, it is important to make sure you are demonstrating your accomplishments and contributions to the team in tangible, specific ways. Think of this similar to a resume. What key metrics would you include to show the value you bring to the table. Increased sales by 40%, effectively managed a team of 16 individuals, implemented a new training procedure that reduced employee turnover by 25%. These are the types of specific achievements you should be able to share with your supervisor when asking for a raise.

Do not focus on why you need the raise, even if you do really need it! Focus on why you deserve the raise! Everyone would like a raise and most people would say they need one, but personal finances are not the responsibility of your supervisor or your company. Instead, share with them why you deserve one for your performance and the impact you make on the company.

Most things in life are easier once you have done them once or twice. While you obviously don’t get any do-overs when asking your supervisor for a raise, practicing asking for a raise is key! Make sure that whoever you are practicing with doesn’t just say, “sounds great!” and that instead they ask you questions and provide you with feedback.

Once you have prepared and practiced, asking for a raise won’t seem so daunting! You will be able to come into the conversation confident and ready. Don’t stay stuck and wishing your supervisor would notice you, go out there and make yourself noticed. Ask for that raise that you deserve!

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