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About The HR Trail, LLC

How did I get here? I ask myself that question quite frequently. I believe that the stars align to get you to be exactly where you need to be at exactly the right time. Sure, I’ve cried a thousand tears, have been told “no” or “you’ll never get there”. I’ve also been told that it takes years to get to where I want to be. If I listened to every single negative person, I would be nowhere. I chose to finally release the negative thoughts and proceed with my original plan: to create something amazing. Yes, this is exactly what is handwritten on my bucket list. I often thought that was meant for my 3 kids, but not only is it meant for my 3 amazing boys, it’s also meant for me to look back and understand that I am made for more. Once I have an idea in my head, I am going straight to the finish line.

about the HR trail llc
Hi there! That's me, Amber Trail, founder & consultant!

Working in the corporate world took every ounce of my spirit. The most recent position was a male-dominated corporate environment where one of the higher-ups told me, “a woman will never have power in this company”. Oh. Yes. He. Did. WOW. I was beyond livid. I was tired of being treated with a different standard than my male counterparts. I was tired of them paying me way less than what I deserved for all of the hard work I had put into that company. That was the moment that I knew in my heart, I would change the face of human resources. Not only that, but I will change the culture to be ethical and legal in the companies that I took on as a client.

So here we are. Years later and I have a phenomenal team under The HR Trail umbrella. We bring HR to the next level with our clients and that’s why we have clients that have been with us since day one. We pride ourselves on our listening skills and understanding the situation before a determination is made. The HR Trail is how we reinvent businesses through their most precious asset, the people.

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