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Female Entrepreneur's Festival 2022


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Meet Amber


Amber's determination to reinvent your business through the employee's provided the basis on which The HR Trail, LLC™ was created. With over a decade of Human Resources experience and education, and a lot of additional street cred (I mean certifications), she has worked in the trenches and worked her way up from an HR Assistant to the Director of Human Resources in the corporate world. Amber is an intuitive, empathetic and passionate individual. What makes her different from every other mentor or coach is that she truly wants every single one of her clients to succeed, know their worth and be the best version of themselves. 

Amber is an International Best Selling Author, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Goal Success Coach and her client's biggest fan. 

Amber knows the challenges individuals have in life. She is the mom to three amazing little boys and loves the outdoors, new adventures and traveling (when she can). She's here to change the world, one HR professional at a time!

Learn more about Amber here.

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