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CEO and Founder


Amber's journey started in Human Resources in a nonconventional way. She started out with a company helping them write a company handbook in which she had no experience but they liked her passion and determination.

A month into her new position, the owner asked Amber to help out in HR. She immediately said no. Why? Because she had two very disturbing experiences with HR professionals. In her very first position outside of college, she was being sexually harassed by a co-worker. Amber went to HR and the gentleman who was the HR Director looked at her and said, "what do you want me to do about it?" As a 20 something newbie, she felt sick to her stomach thinking she couldn't go back to that environment. The next day she quit.

Her next position was not any better. A very similar situation happened. Hence, why when she was asked by the owner of the new company to step in and help in HR, she was apprehensive. Reluctantly she stepped up. This moment changed her life forever. Her co-worker gave her the tools, tips, advice and experience she needed to see how HR should really function. HR was not just there for the employer but also to help guide the success of each employee. 

Amber has a passion to help others and make a difference in organizations who currently do not have an in-house HR team, or need team building support. Amber also supports HR Executives who want to increase their confidence, create more success and expand opportunities within the industry. 

Amber is not afraid of failure. In fact, failure is what drives her into accelerated growth and success in what she does. She is not your normal HR professional. She is unapologetically unique. She's taken standardized learned HR behaviors and breaks them apart, analyzes them and determines why our HR system is so broken.

With over 15 years of HR experience, credentials and education, Amber designed a cutting-edge approach and success driven strategies for small businesses and HR professionals who want to establish themselves within this industry. 

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Collaborative Team Members

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Sierra Collins

Sierra is the Owner of Sierra Learnership Collaborative where she serves as a Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.  In 2011, Sierra earned her Masters in the Arts of Education from West Virginia University.  After 10 years in public education and a myriad of leadership opportunities, her passion for growth and lifelong learning fueled her desire to start her business and become a Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach so that she could come alongside individuals, teams, and organizations on their growth journeys. Sierra provides exceptional leadership speaking, training, and coaching services to youth and adult learners who strive to experience lifelong personal and professional growth.  Through her business, Sierra’s vision is to create a community of highly effective leaders and lifelong learners who positively influence the lives of others. 

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