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Why Handbooks?

'Why do I need a handbook for my employees? It’s just a bunch of rules and I don’t like written rules.' While you may or may not feel this way about a handbook, it can certainly be an essential asset to your business and to your employees.

First things first, what exactly is a handbook? It's "a compilation of the policies, procedures, working conditions, and behavioral expectations that guide employee actions in a particular workplace” (The Balance Careers). We know, not the most exciting subject to cover, but it is definitely an important resource to have for your business.

Which brings me to... consistency. Employees need consistency. You can't just tell one person they can get away with something and not another for the same offense. Employers can protect themselves from lawsuits, such as harassment claims, wrongful termination claims, and discrimination claims thanks to the details written out in a handbook.

With a handbook, employees always know what is expected of them and what their employer expects in the workplace. This allows the employer to know that the employees are informed about actions and behaviors that could lead to progressive discipline including termination procedures.

So – cover yourself as an employer. No matter how small or large you are, you need a handbook! Sound like something you'd be interested in for your business and employees? Or, want to know more about why handbooks are essential and how I can help you with one? Contact me to set something up!'

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