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What They Don’t Say About Those Gifts…

The gift-giving season is almost in full swing. Have you already purchased your holiday gift for your employees this year? Did you put a lot of thought into what your employees could really use this season?

Unfortunately, many employers give out gifts that the employees put a smile on their faces, graciously accept the present and say thank you. Sound familiar? What you are seeing and hearing might not always be how they really feel.

Think about this, almost 3 out of 4 workers would prefer no company logo on their gift. Read that again. NO company logo on their gift. This specifically makes the item about the company and not about the person you are giving it to. Now, you’re probably thinking, is it too late to take back those logo blankets? Probably. But start 2020 with a whole new attitude in your company culture.

Like the idea of gift cards? Think again. More than 3 out of 4 employees preferred to not even receive a gift card if it was not personally meaningful. They usually toss out a gift card if it is to a place they have no interest in. Wasted money? I think so. Gift cards tend to feel more transactional than thoughtful.

One final study that SHRM conducted was the top 3 worst gifts that an employer could hand to their employees. These include: water bottles/coffee mugs, pens, and plaques. Oh, and to make it even worse, they flashed the company logo all over them.

So this year, it may be too late to return those items you already purchased. Think about next year as a fresh start. If you have a smaller company, try to make your gifts more personalized and something they could really use. You have all year to get to know each one of your employees on a personal level, make it happen.

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