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What is Holding you Back from that Promotion?

You may feel that day in and day out you are pushing toward that promotion in your career and not getting anywhere. The truth is, you may be lacking in one of the three keys below that is ultimately holding you back from that promotion.

Being a Team Player - The key is to invest in the company’s goals and not just your own. By being a team player, you assist in projects, volunteer for tasks, and help to develop your team members. Inevitably, this helps in the success of the company and your manager will notice your continuous involvement.

Asking for Feedback - Take every opportunity to improve yourself based on your manager's suggestions. Every manager's dream is to have a coachable employee. Ask what you could be doing better and set the tone for moving forward in that exact direction. Additionally, acknowledge their feedback when making moves towards that goal so your manager knows that what they say initiates a drive in you to correct and improve..

Having Confidence & Being Consistent - Show up every day, on time, engaged and ready to tackle the day's tasks. Presentation is key and it is important to be well spoken, organized, and prepared in your role. There are some simple and easy things you can do to come across more confident and consistent: take good notes, use your resources, double check your work.

Remember that promotions take time, and a big aspect is having open communication with your manager about the next step in your career. They can help you carve your path to success. If you are struggling to connect with your manager on your next steps, it could be a good idea for you to find a business coach that can navigate your current situation and assist in breaking the barriers to promotion.

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