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What Does Virtual Onboarding Look Like?

Who would've thought that the new normal for onboarding would now be virtual? Not us! But, these times are changing and you've got to keep up with the times if you want to hire the right person for your business!

Here's what virtual onboarding looks like now:

It encompasses the same process as before, just a bit different. When hiring someone virtually at your company, we must have our basics in place. Create a message to your new hires that portrays the company’s brand, culture, mission, and values in a more personal way than a packet of papers. Provide them with a “New Hire Packet” that can be done online. Most programs allow you to use DocuSign or a similar program for signatures and verification purposes.

Every company is different, but the onboarding process should deliver the knowledge and skills that the new hire will need to succeed. So, what does this look like, you might be asking? Well, make sure that they have all the technology they need prior to their start date. Ensure that all the programs or software have been downloaded to their laptop or desktop and ready to go. Human Resources should meet with the new hire to still have a virtual first day. This is vital to going over the company policies and procedures and answering any questions the employee may have when embarking upon their new venture.

Don’t forget something extremely important. Make them feel like they are part of the team. New hires should feel welcomed and valued. It can be tricky with having a virtual team but create Zoom meetings where the employee can get to know each of their teammates or those they will be working closely with. The employee’s manager should set up the first meeting so they can have the initial one-to-one. Encourage virtual lunches or dinners with the person’s team so team members can get to know one another on a more personal level.

Virtual doesn’t have to be difficult. Just maneuvering around the technology and making it work for your team and company. Remember to create a welcoming environment for all new hires!

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