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Want to know who the leaders are?

SHRM recently posted an article called “Putting Humanity into HR Compliance: The 3-3-1 Assessment”. So, if you are looking for a way to assess the leaders in your company without all the costs associated with development, here is a method that works as an intervention.

“From New York Times bestselling author Marshall Goldsmith, I learned a quick, simple, yet highly effective assessment method: the 3-3-1. Goldsmith developed it for his coaching work with corporate CEOs. The coach asks three questions of the CEO's reports and others with whom he or she has important interactions:

1. What are this person's three greatest strengths as a leader?

2. What are the three most useful areas this leader should consider in choosing to be a more effective leader?

3. If this leader were to change one behavior starting tomorrow (more of, less of, start doing, stop doing), what would it be?

The 3-3-1 is time-efficient. It prioritizes efforts: What change will be most productive of good results? It's positive, focusing on strengths and growth opportunities. It promotes what Goldsmith calls "feed forward," a much more recipient-friendly method than "feedback."” (SHRM)

It’s important to focus on the strengths someone has instead of their weaknesses. Assessing the leadership team by focusing on their strengths maximizes leadership effectiveness.

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