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Toxic Workplace Cultures

Your employees may dread going to work without you even knowing it. They don't feel comfortable talking with their managers directly about it either. Did you know that these harmful environments can dramatically decrease company profits? Did you know that managers might be one of the biggest reasons as to why there is so much toxicity?

SHRM conducted research in July which confirms "toxic workplace cultures and what happens to the employees who work in them" ( The study found that toxicity and managers are connected. SHRM states that 58% of employees who quit a job due to workplace culture say that their managers are the main reason they ultimately left. The saying "people don't leave their jobs, they leave their managers" is quite accurate.

Costs due to this primary reason in turnover have exceeded $223 billion over the last five years. "Lack of communication [between managers and workers] is a leading contributor to the culture issues facing many organizations," the SHRM report notes. If managers are not setting high expectations and leading by example then it could in turn create a toxic work environment for all other employees.

Next time you look at the culture of your business, look carefully within your leadership team. How they view the company culture and their attitude towards it trickles down to all the employees. Don't lose good workers because of a handful of "bad eggs."

See the SHRM research findings below:

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