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Social Media Policies

Time and time again, small business owners are handling HR as an afterthought instead of being proactive. In fact, many of the HR problems small business owners face can be preventable. With the growth of social media over the years, having a social media policy isn’t just something that larger corporations must have, all employers should have one. A social media policy allows employers to prevent themselves from negative online attention from statements that may jeopardize the brand image. Additionally, it ensures that employees are aware that they should never speak on behalf of the company on social media.

Here is what you should include in your social media policy -

Statement regarding what social media is - The internet and electronic communications are constantly growing and this definition may change overtime. It is important to be clear as to what constitutes social media.

Personal account guidelines - A company cannot control what employees do on their personal accounts however, they can show how their behavior affects the company and how they can avoid a conflict. This would be the section to explain that employees should not speak on behalf of the company as this may be a reflection of brand image. Additionally, it would be important to remind employees to be careful about the personal information that they share online.

Social media use at work - A statement that prohibits social media use at work unless it is approved by management.

Ultimately, a social media policy is a defense that protects the brand’s legal interests, security, and privacy. Social media is a tool that can be used as a strong benefit to a company but can also turn and be detrimental if not handled properly. Employees may use social media to divulge confidential information or misrepresent the views of the business or even harass co-workers. Therefore, it is important to put a clear policy in place, so that people know what they can and can’t do. Need help getting started? Here at The HR Trail, LLC™, we can help - click this link to connect -

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