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SHRM Certified Professionals

The worldwide workforce consists of 115 million people. How many HR professionals do you think there are? Only 300,000 HR professionals worldwide. The typical standard for each employer is 1 human resources professional per 100 employees. That’s a lot of tasks for one person!

Did you know that only 100,000 of those HR professionals are SHRM certified? SHRM is the Society of Human Resources Management. When choosing an HR professional or consultant to help your business, check their credentials. If your consultant has their SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP it means that these individuals went through intensive training and had to pass a rigorous exam to become certified.

Human resource consultants are utilized in ways that provide companies with peace of mind. Most HR consultants are used for businesses that do not have the resources for an HR department. But did you know that even employers with a full staff of HR professionals utilize consultants? Consultants are often used in large size employers for special projects and maintaining legal compliance. Oftentimes the in-house HR staff does not have the time or resources to keep up with all the recent changes in employment law.

Human resource consultants who have obtained their certifications are current and up-to-date with the ever-changing world of employment law. To keep these credentials, they must have enough continuing education credits within a specific time period to be re-certified. These credits come can be obtained by attending trainings, enhancing education/knowledge and listening to webinars frequently.

Next time you think of HR, think about what it takes to become a certified professional in the human resources field!

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