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Properly Offboarding Talent

Do you have a process for offboarding talent? Although a team member may be leaving, it is important to use this opportunity to grow and learn. What one should not do in offboarding is try to convince an individual to stay. It is also important to be respectful to the parting employee and not criticize their choices. This is the time where one provides all departing materials and information as well as using the opportunity to get feedback on the company. Here are four tips to creating an effective offboarding checklist:

Determine why the employee is leaving.

The overall conversation will depend on the reason the individual is leaving the company. If the employee has been terminated, this process will look a bit different than an employee who put in their two week notice to work elsewhere.

Conduct an exit interview.

This is a great opportunity to gather data on the experience an individual had at the company. Ultimately, the feedback that is received can help to bring light to certain areas that may need some changing. Are employees continuously leaving because of the workload? Is there conflict between the employee and another team member? These answers can help ensure that whatever the issue is, that it can also be solved.

Secure company assets.

After every departure, it is important to remove all system and building accesses. Additionally, you must ensure that you collect all company equipment which can include phones, uniforms, keys, badges, company cards, etc.

Plan for the gap.

Ultimately, this departure will leave a gap of talent in the business. It is important to ensure that there is a plan in place for transferring all tasks over. This may be a good time to sit down with the employee prior to this date to understand exactly what it is that they do in the day to day. Also, it would be important to have this individual conduct different training sessions to keep everyone up to speed.

The biggest mistake you can make is forgoing an onboarding process. This process is often forgotten if you do not have an HR department. However, that must change. It is important to conduct an exit interview with the employee to determine their cause for leaving the company. It is important to ensure you secure the company assets to avoid any misuse of assets. Lastly, it is important to plan for the gap to ensure that the business can still run smoothly after they leave. Looking for help on offboarding practices? Here at The HR Trail we can help!

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