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Manage Your Inner Critic

As a woman in the world of business, many struggle with confidence and finding their voice at the table. Oftentimes, the difficulty lies in silencing the negativity in your mind. You are not alone in this. There are so many pressures in day-to-day work that plague your mind with feelings of doubt and regret. However, all these thoughts do is fuel the barriers your inner critic creates for you. The goal is to break down the walls and set forth your confidence and voice. There are three simple steps you can take to manage your inner critic: awareness, acceptance, & revision.


It is key to realize that your inner critic is not reality. It is too often that we allow our inner critic to shape our behavior: hold us back from taking on that new project, to speak up in a meeting, and ultimately… making the cut for the next promotion. By being aware and monitoring your voice, you can also work to change the narrative to kind and honest self talk.


When being honest with yourself, it is so important to accept your flaws, mistakes, and failures. It is what you do with these mistakes that turn you into the person you are. It is one thing to sit there and dwell on them and another thing to acknowledge and develop from them. You need to separate from your inner critic entirely and rerun the narration.


Your inner voice may tell yourself, “You are not good enough.” but instead you should switch to, “I will try my best.” It would be important to revise the messages you feed yourself as they will fuel your actions. Try to fill your mind with a pep talk and give yourself the same advice you would give a friend - kind & supportive.

If you are looking for the next step in your career, reflect on how you speak to yourself as a negative mindset is self destructive. How you talk to yourself are the stepping stones to your success. It is much easier said than done but every single day you can make strides towards this new version of yourself by accepting your mistakes, being aware of the voice, and revising your voice. If you are looking to beat you inner critic and level up in your HR career, click the link below to sign up for the Develop Health Boundaries to Enhance Productivity as an HR Professional.

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