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Looking for a New Career? Focus on Your Resume.

Are you not getting responses to the millions of positions you have applied for over the last few months? It’s time to look and dig down to the root cause of this catastrophe. Your focus may be all wrong when presenting your resume to potential employers.

Let’s help you find the right focus.

Think about the career you really want. Focus on what qualifications and qualities you would look for in someone if you were hiring for that position. Think about searching those types of careers in job search engines. What are other companies really looking for in that candidate? Rebuild your resume in a way that tells your story. Who you are and why do you feel you would be a good fit for that position?

Resumes should never exceed 2 pages. If they do, shorten em’ up! Add an objective that fits the position you are looking for. Your dynamic resume should stop being about you and all of your accomplishments but focus on what you can do to help them and how you have helped previous employers achieve their successful results.

Did you know that The HR Trail, LLC provides resume writing? We do! We not only help employers but we also help the employees in focusing on what they are looking for and helping them achieve their goal!

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