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HR Trend #3: Leveraging Tech

HR technology is critical for small businesses to help them reduce the time spent on tedious and administrative tasks. With this freed up time, small business owners can focus on what they do best! Not only does HR technology save time but it also helps businesses maintain compliance and record data. A strong HR technology system can lead to stronger recruitment strategies, streamlined onboarding, real time analytics, and secure your employee data!

Here are SIX HR technology tools your business can adopt - 

  • Payroll Management Systems: Ensure accuracy and save time by automating employee earnings!

  • Benefits Management Software: Allow employees to monitor and enter their own PTO and vacation time to ensure they are accountable in managing their time off. 

  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Efficiently manage the recruitment and hiring process to help your company hire top talent!

  • Performance Management Software: Track goals, provide feedback, and support employee development through continuous and timely feedback.

  • Learning Management Software: Helps to create, manage, and deliver necessary training materials to all employees. 

  • Employee Engagement Platform:  Helps to boost morale, foster communication and collaboration, and an inclusive culture.

Ultimately, the right HR software for a business is worth every single penny. It helps to automate the most tedious and time consuming aspects of people management which then allows leaders to focus more on the people's side. While HR technology does not replace an HR professional, it works to transform the business to spend more time on strategy and the employee experience.

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