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HR Trend #2: Embrace DEIB

Welcome to 2024! The HR landscape is ever changing but DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) has been a long-standing necessity for small businesses looking to grow. As the second trend for 2024, it is critical that small businesses actively create a culture that is welcoming and inclusive for everyone, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. By ensuring your business promotes proactive recruitment practices, creates an inclusive workforce, addresses pay equity, and promotes belonging… you can reap all the benefits of a diversified workforce - here are five!

  1. Inspires Creativity - A diverse team can bring diversified perspectives and allow employees to hone in on their creativity. Individuals with different backgrounds can work together to brainstorm new ideas and alternate outlooks. 

  2. Improves Team Relationships - To have a strong business standing, your business must be built on trusted teams to support collaboration. By promoting diversity and inclusion, your company can develop positive and supportive relationships. 

  3. Promotes Innovation - If you have employees with varying backgrounds, they can help to improve processes through their alternative way of thinking. These varying perspectives can help businesses develop better quality products and services. 

  4. Raises Cultural Awareness - By promoting cultural awareness in your business, you can help team members better understand one another and find ways to support one another.

  5. Enhances Job Satisfaction - Employees that feel understood and valued by their team members and management will be more satisfied in their work. 

A business that embraces diversity will stand out against their competitors. Diversity offers great benefits to both the employee and the company through more innovation, creativity, and a richer employee experience. An inclusive workforce allows employees to bring up new ideas without a fear of being shut down. It allows employees to trust one another and collaborate together. By honoring diversity in your business, you can create camaraderie amongst your team and reach that bottom dollar!

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