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HR’s Value Within an Organization

As a small business owner, what does HR mean to you? From small businesses to large, the HR department is critical for businesses to reach success. With fierce industry competition, they are forced to remember what their most prized asset is… human capital.

In order to efficiently source, recruit, and onboard talent, you need HR.

In order to effectively manage performance and increase employee engagement, you need HR.

Lastly, in order to properly offboard talent and collect exit data, you need HR.

Ultimately, every life cycle of an employee is managed by the HR department. How could a department that manages a company’s most valuable asset be forgotten? Oftentimes, an HR department is an afterthought and many small businesses forget to implement HR practices in their business. Here is why HR is a valuable asset to your business and why you can’t forget to include it at the table -

Hire Top Talent - The HR department assists in screening applicants and taking them from background checks to new hire orientation. HR manages employees before they even step foot in the door.

Conflict Resolution - Conflict is inevitable and HR professionals are equipped with the tools needed to handle the relations between individuals and identify a resolution.

Employee Satisfaction - The HR department will conduct surveys and exit interviews to gauge employee satisfaction and identify the tools needed to improve their satisfaction.

Training and Development - The HR department will help to close the learning gap between employees and manage any additional training that is needed from technical to leadership and more.

Without an HR department, businesses wouldn’t have talented people to meet business initiatives. Ultimately, HR has a unique perspective that will allow business leaders to understand the people aspect and refer to it in their decision making. As a small business owner, you should begin to consider how you are going to implement HR into your business. Learn how you can create an entire HR department without spending a fortune and maintain your sanity as a business owner. The HR Trail created the "5 Simple Steps to Setting up an HR Department" which is a guide that will walk you through the vital necessities to setting up your perfect HR presence.

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