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How to create a culture of accountability?

Accountability is the source of so many great things in a workplace. What is accountability? Accountability is setting and holding all employees to a common expectation in relation to the company’s mission, goals, and values. This is an essential part of a company’s culture as it aligns with the quality of work produced by employees both individually and in a team.

Your employees need to be aware of the clear goals and values of your organization. It would be key for your organization to set team goals and clearly state where your team lies in the overall big picture. This will allow your employees to feel in control of their work and the results that come.

Give your employees purpose and autonomy in the work that they do. While we want to hold our employees accountable, this does not mean we micro-manage. In turn, we give our employees a purpose in their day to day routine so that they feel empowered to do their jobs. This will lead to employees taking ownership and responsibility for their work in alignment with the goals of the organization.

Consistently communicate and coach by sharing information, resources, and providing feedback so employees can learn and act on this. It is so important to update and schedule regular meetings to discuss the progress and impact of everyone’s achievements. Acknowledge these accomplishments and move your team forward in that direction towards the bigger picture.

The road to building a culture based on accountability is not an easy one, it takes the effort of everyone involved to hold themselves and each other accountable. A culture of accountability will allow your company to have reduced employee turnover rates, improved teamwork, and increased employee commitment and productivity. It’s time to now hold yourself accountable and build this culture in your work environment.

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