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Compliance or Court? You pick!

The truth is, the costs of defending and settling employment claims have continued to skyrocket. Not only are the costs high, but it could also negatively impact the productivity of your team as well. If your employees get wind of the recent lawsuits, how is that going to make them feel about their business leaders? If you want to build a culture of trust at your facility, you must demonstrate compliance in all aspects of business. Human resource departments are there to help resolve any issues that may result in employee complaints and potential litigation. Here are some ways you can avoid litigation at your business:

1. Understand State & Federal Labor Laws

2. Document, Document, Document

3. Risk Management Must Be a Top Priority

4. Make it Easy to Report Complaints

5. Address Complaints Swiftly & Thoroughly

6. Provide a Company Handbook

7. Train Employees on Workplace Safety

8. Equal Enforcement of Policies

9. Avoid Bad Hires

10. Hire An HR Consultant

As a business leader, it is critical that you take proactive measures to avoid litigation. With state and federal laws that are always changing, you must take a risk management approach. If you can implement a company handbook, you can ensure your employees know the policies and how to report complaints. Lastly, if you need help - do not worry, here at The HR Trail we can help you stay compliant! Head to this link to get connected - Connect | The HR Trail, LLC | United States

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