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Avoid these mistakes!

The “HR Specialist: Employment

Law” magazine has listed out some of the biggest mistakes that harm an organization’s credibility in court. Human Resource professionals can help avoid making these mistakes by coaching and guiding management into compliance. Here are 12 easy ways to trigger lawsuits.

1. Sloppy documentation: When HR says “document, document, document”. Managers should always speak and write as if their comments will be held up to a jury.

2. Not knowing policies, procedures: Supervisors and managers should know the policies and procedures inside and out.

3. Inflated appraisals: performance reviews are one of the most important forms of documentation. Reviews must be direct, honest and consistent.

4. Shrugging off complaints: NEVER turn a blind eye. If an employee comes to you, they obviously are struggling with something.

5. Interview errors: Be prepared by asking an HR professional to review the interview questions before going in to ask them.

6. Changing your story: Don’t sugarcoat critiques.

7. ‘Pampering’ an employee’s file: Be consistent in positive and negative performance and behavior of employees.

8. Being rude, mean-spirited: A supervisor should be a positive influence and uplifting.

9. Careless statements to officials: Keep your story consistent, don’t change what really happened.

10. Lack of legal knowledge: Refresh your supervisor and managers training by having it quarterly.

11. Dictating accommodations: The workplace must be reasonable and accommodating.

12. Firing too fast: Try to improve your employees work performance before letting them go.

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