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Attracting Talent - Fix your Brand

Trust me, I get it. You have posted your job on Indeed, LinkedIn, you name it, and are still not getting any applicants. The next steps would include reviewing your job description and job title to ensure they are clear and organized. If that is done and you are still struggling to get people to even apply, you may need to work on your brand image. The truth is, the perception of your brand is crucial in the hiring environment. It is important to connect to potential candidates and give them an insight into what you offer. Here are some tips to increase your brand awareness for recruitment purposes:

Company Website

So, a candidate sees your job posting and attached to it is the link to the company website… they click and they find themselves as a lackluster, underdeveloped site with no information that could apply to them. Essentially, your website is the storefront to your business and needs to be informative and inspiring. Where many businesses lack is that they remember to market their business to the customers but forget that their potential applicants are also customers. In this case, it is crucial to have a tab where you call out job openings and share what it is like to work for the company. Additionally, be sure to include your purpose throughout the website so applicants can gain a better understanding of your organization and mission. Social Media Presence

At this point, if you are not active on social media as a business… you are missing your chance to advertise, network, and create. Social media allows businesses to spread and share their brand and what it is they are about. Additionally, many use social media for recruitment purposes. Are you on your local town’s Facebook page? Are you constantly sharing new opportunities on LinkedIn? You may never know who could come across your job posting and share it with someone they know. Businesses need to be aware of passive candidates and how to come across those as well. Community Involvement When we recruit new employees, it is a sales transaction. We are trying to sell them on our company perks. In this case, make your recruiting job easier by getting involved in your community and making your brand something to remember. This can include hosting seminars, providing workshops, speaking at events, sponsoring events, and more! This may not only affect your bottom dollar with customer sales, but it will ensure your business touches many areas and who knows what talent you may come across.

It is crucial to note that while many small business owners have their eyes on the next sale, they need to keep in mind their brand image and brand awareness. In reality, all interactions are recruiting channels. If you want to stand out from the competition, be a brand that candidates never want to forget.

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