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Are you Burnt Out?

Are you having more bad days than good days at work? Are you irritable at the end of your work day? If yes, then you may be dealing with work burnout. There are so many negative side effects to being burnout: stunted career trajectory, excessive stress, isolation from friends and family, and more. No one wants to be here but sometimes you get stuck in the cycle. Trust me, with the right steps you can get out and never look back. Here are 3 ways you can recover from burnout in your current role:

Stop Saying “Yes” to Everything

It is important to realize that we all have limits and that nobody can be expected to say yes to everything. There needs to be clear boundaries set between work and home. There is no reason to be guilty of saying no when what is asked crosses a boundary you have set. A big portion of setting boundaries is keeping work at work. If it does not get done at work, then, it will have to get done the next day.

Schedule Time to Step Away

When individuals are struggling with burnout, physical and mental health takes a downturn. There needs to be small changes made every day to introduce these healthy rituals back into your life. This means physically scheduling time to step away. For example, putting five minutes on your schedule in the morning and afternoon to go for a walk. Additionally, after a more stressful meeting, take a moment to breathe and reflect on your needs. This is a good time to get some water, some fresh air, to step away. Last but not least, it is absolutely crucial to track your hours of sleep and start to get on a healthy sleep schedule allowing your mind to truly take a break.

Ask for help

I know it sounds scary. But, you need to reach out to others. This includes family, management, colleagues, friends. Oftentimes, many of these people may have noticed a behavior change in you recently, and this is a good time to address your thoughts and feelings.

You are not alone, many people are drowning in work and cannot seem to come up for air. However, what you need to know is that this is not your forever. By protecting your boundaries and saying no, by scheduling time away, and by asking close family and friends for help, you could be on your way to freedom. To learn more about developing healthy boundaries, tune in tomorrow at 11:30am-12:30pm to attend a free training session!

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