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5 Items Missing From Your Company Handbook

The truth is, not having an HR department is costing you more than having one does. From managing pre employment tasks to onboarding tasks to post employment tasks, the amount of administrative work is costing you time that you could be spending in your area of expertise. Additionally, this is not something that can be done mistakenly. If so, you have found yourself susceptible to legal consequences. In another example, having an inexperienced person to handle the HR tasks will be a big mistake. There are a lot of legal aspects to HR that must be handled accordingly. Do you have a company handbook? Well, here are five things it is missing:

  1. Lunch Break: While it may seem self explanatory, it is important to add lunch time breaks to your company handbook. Lunch laws vary by state and these items must be specified in the handbook.

  2. Acknowledge Receipt: This document will demonstrate that an employee has received the handbook and become familiar with the information in the handbook. This acknowledgment can be critical in legal disputes or disciplinary issues.

  3. Social Media: With the increase in social media use on and outside of the job, this is a critical section that must be present in company handbooks. It would be important to specify that they want employees to avoid posting expressions of hate or intolerance on social media. This is a time to define what is appropriate and not appropriate.

  4. Dress Code: Many companies fail to provide standards for what employees should wear to work. By providing this in a company handbook, it allows employees to have a guideline to follow.

  5. Policy Change Rights: It is absolutely crucial that there is a statement in the handbook that states, “The company deserves the right to change the policy at any time.” This allows an employer to add/edit policies present in the company handbook.

No matter the size of your business, a company handbook is essential. And more than that, a relevant company handbook is essential. No, this does not mean using a template you found on google. Invest in a handbook that will improve employee performance and protect your business from legal costs. Here at The HR Trail, LLC™, company handbooks are one of our many specialties. Interested in learning more - click this link and let’s get connected -

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