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2020 Let's Get it Going

We are now into the year 2020. Seriously, what?! While everyone may be busy making personal resolutions or goals for the new year, we should also use this new decade as a time to focus on businesses and the trends for this year.

Number one trend for 2020 is.....(insert drum roll).... automation software....?? For 2020, we are well into automation but now it is trending and making life for entrepreneurs so much easier than ever before. Everyone is on the internet. Make it easier for your potential new clients or customers to get in touch with you. Don't have a response time that deters them from your product or service. Get them the answers they need immediately with software that can respond to your potential client ASAP.

The second trend is the "Rise of Gen Z". What's a Gen Z, you say? Well, these young individuals are rising in the workforce like a freight train after the well-known (and talked about) Millennial's. These Gen Z'ers were born and raised into the Internet/social media world with instant access at their fingertips. They know of nothing else! Get with the program and stay up-to-date in your business in order to keep these individuals employed by you. They are the future of all businesses.

Lastly, we want to focus on reviews. Yes, you know the stars that rate your business. Do you reply to those comments - good or bad? You must. Stay on top of your game by reading the reviews left for your business and reply to them. If they are negative, quickly reply with an apology and a way for them to reach out to you. If they are positive, reply back with an exciting "Thank you - you rock!" Consumers check reviews on almost every service or good that they want to purchase prior to making that final "click".

Remember, 2020 is our year. Let's make it great and stay on top of trends.


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