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Tips for Improving Video Interviews

The workplace landscape is shifting and changing a lot these days! There is one thing, however, that still has remained constant. Even in the midst of a pandemic, hiring and onboarding new team members is essential. With many companies moving towards a more socially-distanced, remote-style atmosphere, video and phone interviews are beginning to become the norm.

However, if not conducted properly, video interviews can be awkward and impersonal. Here are 5 tips on how to make sure your video interview is just as good, if not better, than a face-to-face interview.

Tip #1: Make sure your technology is working properly.

There is nothing worse than showing up to an interview and having trouble with your audio or video. Technology issues can bring confusion and frustration, two things that are definitely not ideal for an interview atmosphere. 

Tip #2: Create a professional atmosphere:

If you also are conducting the interview from a remote location, and not in office, it is essential to make sure your video backdrop is professional (i.e., not in the middle of your kitchen with piles of dirty dishes behind you!) Having a minimalistic background will help both you and the interviewee focus. 

Tip #3: Keep to a planned schedule:

Just as an in-person interview, having a structure is very important. Letting your interviewee know of the agenda for the interview is a great way to keep them engaged. For example, starting out with some get to know you style questions, moving on to more skills and technical questions, and closing with any additional questions either of you may have.

Tip #4: Maintain a level of authority:

This can definitely be tough if you are working in an environment that is not your typical workspace. Let’s say you usually have the corner office and an assistant who lets your interviewees in, has them wait in the comfortable waiting area, offers them water and coffee, etc. Well now, there’s none of that if you are working from home and conducting interviews remotely. In order to maintain your level of authority, show up as professional as possible (nice outfit, groomed hair, nice background, agenda and way to take notes, etc.).

Tip #5: Speak to the company’s culture:

With virtual interviews, candidates are not able to really see the workspace and team members. They aren’t able to gauge if it is an environment where they would thrive and culture they would enjoy being a part of. Company culture and finding the “right fit” is so important. Share videos, or personal testimonies, of the regular workspace (pre-Covid) so the candidate can get a bit more of a feel for your company. 

With these tips in mind, you will be able to conduct virtual interviews, screen candidates, and find the interviewees that will successfully become a part of your team!

five tips for video job interviews

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