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How to Motivate Your Employees

There is one thing that all leaders have in common, they all want their workforce to be motivated! But this can be a tricky thing to figure out, some employees may be intrinsically motivated, while others are motivated best through external rewards and incentives. There is, however, one key way to really make sure you are being the best leader you can be and motivating your entire workforce. Show gratitude! 

Now this goes beyond just saying, “Great job!” or, “Thank you!” It is important that you are specific about what an individual did well so that they truly feel like you noticed their hard work and really feel your genuine appreciation for their effort. For example, one of your employees implemented a new production system and it has decreased workflow processing time by 26%. Let them know!

As a manager and head of the company/department, overseeing and noticing how their work is impacting the company at large is so important. When an employee feels like their work is making a difference and matters they will feel motivated to keep contributing to the best of their ability.

Make sure you are being genuine and personal when showing gratitude. Use their name, send a handwritten note, chat with them in-person, give them a call, send them an email, or any other way you communicate within your company. Additionally, it is key to make sure you show your gratitude in a timely manner. Don’t thank someone for the work they did 3 months ago, the time for that has come and gone, make sure you are keeping up to date on their contributions. 

Another crucial time to show gratitude is after a performance review. Keep in mind what you and your employee discussed and areas that you asked for changes or improvements. NOTICE the new steps they are taking or ways they are improving upon these areas. Positive feedback in areas that previously were weaknesses can be a huge motivator for continued success.

So often it seems that bosses think the only way to motivate workers is by offering bonuses, raises, company incentives, but really all employees want is to feel appreciated. Now of course the aforementioned things also do motivate some individuals, but your entire workforce will feel more appreciated, inspired, and motivated to contribute when you have a company culture of gratitude!

how to motivate your employees
A little gratitude & thank you goes a long way!

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