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Employee to Competitor?

How would it feel if your best employee became your biggest competitor? It would feel downright sickening, right? Here's another question for you, did you have a non-compete in place? Was it signed?

Employers should never fear putting time, money and effort into their employees. As a matter of fact, studies show the more training you give to an employee - the more likely they are to stay with your company. But, what if you had your best employee leave to start their own business and it became one of your largest direct competitors?

By utilizing a non-compete agreement within the letter of employment, you significantly decrease losing one of your employees to become your competitor. When creating a letter of employment, ask a Human Resources professional to review the accuracy of wording within the letter. Upon the signature of both employee and employer, this document should be kept in the employee personnel file at all times. This letter will be one of your biggest assets in a court case if you ever need it.

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