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Attracting the Right People with Your Job Description

You’ve gotten to the point in your business where you’re ready to add people to your

team, exciting right? Well at least it should be, but instead of finding amazing

candidates that are perfect for the position, your job description has attracted a whole

host of individuals that aren’t the right fit. Not only is this problem frustrating, but it is also

time-consuming and expensive.

Here are 5 important tips to crafting a job description that will bring in the exact team

members you need:

Tip #1: Make sure the job description summary clearly and concisely explains what

success in the position looks like. If a potential candidate is unclear of what you are

looking for as a result of hiring them, individuals that won’t be able to produce the result

you are looking for may apply.

Tip #2: List the essential functions of the position in order of importance. Many

individuals applying to jobs will scan through essential functions and if the first couple

don’t apply to them, they will move on. By having them in order of importance you will

weed out those candidates that can’t perform those duties and attract the individuals

who can.

Tip #3: When detailing the education and experience requirements and preferences for

the position, make sure to include specific skills, certifications, and/or licenses as well.

This helps to narrow down the candidate pool and provide you with only those

candidates that have exactly what your business needs.

Tip #4: This one is SO IMPORTANT! Competencies. These include work habits,

attitudes, personality characteristics, and behaviors that reflect how a person

accomplishes their job. It doesn’t matter if someone is able to complete all the essential

functions and has all the required education and experience. If their attitude and work

habits don’t vibe with you or fit in with your organization, they are not the right fit for your

company. By clearly listing the competencies on your job description, you will not only

attract individuals who fit in with your company’s culture, but you will deter those who do not.

Tip #5: Clearly describe the workplace environment. An individual who thrives working

in the outdoors may not be the best fit for your data entry position in a basement office

with no windows. By detailing the environment of the position in your job description,

candidates know where they will be spending the majority of their time in this position

and will be able to decide whether they would enjoy working there. You don’t want

someone who will not be happy in your workplace environment.

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